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Supercharged video content

Producing exceptional video content to engage a global audience in the luxury lifestyle sector

Our video content works – lead generation and conversion.

Prestige Film has been creating video content in the luxury sector for more than 10 years and we specialise so that we know the consumer and the content that drives leads.

Our highly creative production team delivers everything you need from pre-production, film planning to specific post production and editing to meet your digital marketing and video content needs.

Sectors ____ Hotels & Resorts.  Bars & Restaurants.  Marine.  Supercar.  Aviation.  Equestrian.  Events & Experiences.  Finance & Banking.

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Creative Content

Powerful storytelling that is commercially focussed provides a visual distinction between your digital marketing content and that of competitors. Sales and Marketing specific content creation is how we utilise video to drive leads and conversions across all digital marketing platforms for our clients.

Video Production

Our highly experienced and talented production team will create visually stunning, high definition (4k or 6k), video content that stands out in an overcrowded online arena.

From project inception and an in-depth business review to pre-production planning and highly skilled camera crew filming on location your video content is in safe hands. Our exceptionally creative editing team will then take care of producing video content output to match your marketing strategy and help drive your online brand message forward.

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We pride ourselves in producing video content that works commercially and not simply to look pretty. Stunning in design, while effective in new business generation, our video marketing team is here to support the move beyond post-production and maintain a steady flow of sales driven video content.

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If you’re looking to evolve your social media positioning into an aspirational lifestyle brand and attain an elevated video strategy across all social platforms, please allow us to help.

Each social media platform has a different audience and in many instances, multiple video file format requirements. In pre-production planning we’ll build these requirements into the filming plan so that the video filmed matches the audience and channel focus, allowing for ease of post-production editing and upload to the right social platform.

All this optimises your video content and ensures excellent ROI on your video production and social media marketing spend.

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Engaging with website visitors in an instant and maintaining that engagement is what drives effective SEO. The banner video catches the eye, the portrait video initiates scroll and the long-form video converts. This combined with the visual stimulation to inspire visitors, dramatically increases the chances of conversion.

Planning the production of your video content to match your website ergonomics and sales funnel transforms the effectiveness of website conversion. With increased user time spent on page rewarded, Google Ad rates are also seen to be reduced (lower CPC) – cheaper ad spend, higher ROI.

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Building a serious, high viewer presence on YouTube requires the right; video content, video duration, call-to-action, thumbnail design, video title, video description and channel profile design and setup.

Setup correctly, an effective YouTube channel not only drives brand awareness and new business but can also be an additional source of income with the right content acquiring a significant number of views.

Additionally, creating short-form video ads to appear on other YouTube channels and Google Partner platforms provides leads and often at a reduced cost than Google Ads.

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The technology and capabilities of the latest drones has dramatically increased the opportunity to stun viewers, but it is the camera operator, drone pilot and director that provide the skill and expertise to WOW audiences.

Now requiring Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) authorised and fully insured drone pilots to fly commercially and pre-flight recce to be performed, the need for professional drone operation is essential for safety and superior quality of production.

As with ground filming, utilising the most effective lenses and camera angles combined with pre-planned flight paths are the drivers behind the stunning aerial content that can be produced – this is where we can help.

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If you’re at the point where your marketing and advertising spend has reached a certain level and you are considering creating content for a TV Commercial, then we have the level of production to meet all commercial TV and Online channels.

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Creating stunning video content…

Creating stunning video content…

Creating stunning video content…

Creating stunning video content…

Creating stunning video content…


Producing stunning video content in partnership with some of our friends and partners

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Our reputation means everything…

Our reputation means everything…

Our reputation means everything…

Our reputation means everything…

Our reputation means everything…



Prestige Film worked with us on a brief from the start to finish to create a superb video that captures and showcases Torridon in all its glory. Trevor and his team were professional in every process of the filming and editing and worked with us to create one feature video and a series of smaller videos targeting specific experiences available with us. We have been very pleased with the results and it was a real pleasure to work with Prestige.

Dan Rose-Bristow, Managing Director
The Torridon 5 Star Resort | Chair, The Master Innholders


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